Otakiage Kuyo (お焚き上げ供養)


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Otakiage (Burning ceremony) is memorial service for your special items.

Everyone has a item or more that is filled with your thoughts or emotions and it is hard to

throw them away.

In Japan, we usually do Otakiage for those items to return their souls to the sky with appreciation. This is a very old traditional ceremony in Japan.

We’ll hold eye closing ceremony for dolls, ihai (Memorial Tablets), juzu (Buddhist Prayer Beads), kako cho (Ancesteral Name Registry), kyobon (Sutra Book), and items used in ones work trade before we burn them.

Please select one of the options and we will contact you with address where you send the items to.

Additional information

Additional Info

<p>Omamori or Ofuda you purchased at Gassho-Do or received from Seattle Enkyoji Temple, please contact us at [email protected] for Otakiage.</p>


Dolls more than 20"H, Dolls upto 20"H, Ihai, Juzu, Kako cho, Kyo hon, Omamori & Ofuda

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Otakiage Kuyo (お焚き上げ供養)
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