About Us

About Gasshodo

Gassho-Do began in 2006, when Rev. Kanjin Cederman and Shami Kanjo Grohman recognized that there was not an option for practitioners to purchase quality Nichiren Shu Buddhist practice items, without going to Japan.

Being taught the deep spiritual importance of the origins of practice items by Rev. Kanto Tsukamoto, every effort was made to ensure that items are sourced in a conscientious way. This level of consideration looks deeply towards our understanding that all things we use for study and practice influence us and our spiritual development.

Gassho-Do is managed by Mamiko Kobayashi. Mamiko works diligently to provide answers to your questions about Buddhist practice items.

Our mission is to support the propagation of Nichiren Shu Buddhism and to offer quality traditional items to support practitioners outside of Japan as they grow in faith and practice. Thank you for supporting our efforts in fulfilling the wish of our Founder Nichiren Shonin to spread the Lotus Sutra throughout the world.

-With Gassho