Kishimojin Ofuda (鬼子母神)


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**This Ofuda will be blessed by Buddhist Priest before the shipment.

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This Ofuda is the protection for the Family, Children, Pregnancy, Child Birth, Easy Delivery, sickness and House, Traffic and Automobile, Longevity, Fulfillment of Energy or Protection against Misfortune.
Please place it at the right corner of your main entrance at your entrance to get the protection.


1.Blank Ofuda

2.家内安全-Family Safety, Happiness and House Protection

3.安産祈願-Easy & Safe Delivery & Birth

4.入学/進学成就-Wishing Enrolling a New School or New Grade

5.身体健全-Good Health


7.気力充実-Fulfillment of Energy

8.厄除祈願-Protection Against Misfortune

9.息災安泰-Good Health & Living Safe

10.交通安全-Dairy Traffic & Automobile Safety

About 11″ H

* If you pick “Original Ofuda”, please let us know how you’d like us to write your name on Ofuda.

Popular ways are your Full name or your last name, XXX Family.

If it’s a gift to someone, your name would be left side and the person’s name who you give it to would be the right side.


**This Ofuda will be blessed by Buddhist Priest before the shipment.

“Ofuda stand isn’t included.”

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Blank, 家内安全, 安産祈願, 入学進学祈願, 身体健全, 寿命長遠, 気力充実, 厄除祈願, 息災安泰, 交通安全

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Kishimojin Ofuda (鬼子母神)
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