Gusho Reijin Fu (Reidan Monthly Omamori)


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This is the monthly Gusho Reijin Fu (Reidan Omamori) for a year.

Please select the option whether you pick up Omamori at Seattle Enkyoji or we’ll mail Omamori to you every month.

We’ll contact you to confrim your infomation by email after we receive your order.

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What is Gusho Reijin Fu?

This special amulet is prepared and sent by the Reidan Head Temple located in Japan each month for the receivers of the Gushoreijinfu (Protective Deities Amulet) to receive from their Reidan teacher. Faith is not only shown by donations, but real faith is realizing that we are the children of the Buddha and our purpose is to aid in creating a peaceful world where all War and Suffering are ended. Keeping the amulet with you and wearing it is first step of strengthening your faith and deepening your understanding. As your faith increases the Amulet will protect you more. Strong faith allows you to receive great benefit and protection. Through keeping the Amulet with you and chanting the Odaimoku, changing the amulet every month, helping to clean your home temple and butsudan from your heart, through these practices you are able to use your body to show appreciation and through this action your faith becomes stronger. The first step is wearing and keeping the amulet with you all the time.

More questions about Reidan or Gusho Reijin Fu?

Please check the Reidan Pamphlet.


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Gusho Reijin Fu (Reidan Monthly Omamori)
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