Tea ceremony lessons with Sokan(宗観) Cederman


You’ll learn basic knowledge of Japanese tea ceremony and intended to be able to make an excellent tea.

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1st lesson- Basic knowledge of tea ceremony

2nd lesson- Try to make a tea.

3rd lesson- Learn the knowledge when you are invited to the tea ceremony

4th lesson- Wari Geiko (devided practice)

5th lesson- Bon Ryaku Temae

6th lesson- Organize for tea ceremony by yourself


Who is Sokan(宗観) Cederman?

As a instructor of Urasenke Tea, he studied under Bonnie(Soshin 宗心) Mitchell is the senior-most Urasenke Chanoyu instructor in Seattle and founding director of the East-West Chanoyu Center, established in 1981. Also Timothy (Sowa 宗和) Olson, Head instructor in Seattle, WA. He was awarded the 1st level instructor license and tea name in 2021.




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1 class, 5 classes + 1 free class

Tea ceremony lessons with Sokan(宗観) Cederman
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