Star Festiaval-Hoshi Matsuri (2/5)



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Hoshimatsuri is a Buddhist festival celebrating the tonenjo (also referred to as tonenzokusho, each person’s star of the year) and honmyojo (each person’s star of the year of birth) to ward off evil. Hoshimatsuri is also referred to as Hoshi Kuyo or Hoshiku. Although tanabata-matsuri is also called Hoshimatsuri, it is another festival. We pray to Myoken Bodhisattva who is the diety of the Northern star, for better fortune it protecting against misfortune this year.

Price: $15/person

Our Hoshi Matsuri service is at 11am EST on Feburary 5th.

We’ll broadcast the service on Zoom.

After you purchse it, we’ll send you the form and zoom link for the service.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Star Festiaval-Hoshi Matsuri (2/5)