Sanbo Daikojin Ofuda(三宝大荒神)


Our Omamori & Ofuda will be blessed by Buddhist Priest.

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三宝大荒神 the Sanbo DaiKojin Deity protects the hearth, the home and the people who live in the house and passing the important test or exam.



1.Blank Ofuda

2.家内安全 – Kitchen, House and Family Safety & Happiness

3.合格祈願- Passing the test or exam.


Please Place this Ofuda above the hearth for the protection for Kitchen, Family or House or at the right corner of your main entrance for the protection to pass the test.

* If you pick “家内安全” or “合格祈願”, please let us know how you’d like us to write your name on Ofuda.

Popular ways are your Full name or your last name, XXX Family.

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Blank, 家内安全, 合格祈願

Sanbo Daikojin Ofuda(三宝大荒神)
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