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We will have the honor of having our second annual mountain practice and Hokke Shugen Practice here in Washington State.

Through this practice we restore peace and balance in our lives, opening ourselves to the renewing Ki energy of the mountains.  Also through this act we support the local dieties of our land and pray for the peace of the world.

If you are interested you can apply, only a limited number of interested persons will be able to join this sacred event. 


5pm: Suigyo (Water Purification Practice)

6pm: Shugendo Ceremony

7pm-9:00pm : Welcome party with traditional Shojin Ryori Vegetarian Dinner.


8:00am-5:00pm Mountain Training


10:30am Temple Service and lecture

Price: $ 160.00

Accommodations available by request and donation.  Send email to to sign up.

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