The Butsudan, translated as the “Buddha’s house,” is a traditional element of practice. Perhaps in Japanese Buddhism, it is the most important place in a practitioners home. In this sacred space one welcomes, the Buddha, our Founder, and ancestors to join with them in practice and study.

In modern times, there has been many creative changes of the design to better fit into contemporary living spaces.

Here at Gassho-do, we are offering these very special designs and options for your home Butsudan from an authentic craftsman. Outside of Japan most people are forced to purchase low quality level butsudan from a few online sources.

The butsudan is meant to be a symbol of ones practice and respect for their ancestors. They are meant to be passed one through generations of family. With these products you will be able to start that family tradition and share with your ancestors and children these works of art.

Please take a look and read the brochure that we have translated into multiple languages on how to setup and treat this important aspect of our practice and study.

Butsudan is a Buddhist altar.

A butsudan usually has doors with an embellishment of a temple gate and sometimes one stair or sometimes three stairs. The highest stair is called shumidan 須弥壇 and is reserved for the most important butsudan item, Buddha statue. The area above shumidan is called kyuuden 宮殿 and is considered the holy place. It is the area within the butsudan that must be occupied by the Buddha statue, which typically rests on the shumidan. Alternatively, there could be an image of Buddha or a Mandala Gohonzon placed on the back wall of the butsudan, occupying the holy place.

An accompanying statue or image of Buddha is placed on one side of the butsudan and the founder of the respective sect is placed on the other side. There is a vast array of Buddhist items (butsugu) that could be placed in the butsudan.

Now, there are many new designs for Butsudan from the more modern to very simplistic.  In either case, it is important to know that it is good quality and will last for many generations.  That is why we are bringing wonderful Butsudan directly from Japan.  In one’s practice it is essential to care for the quality and the workmanship in Buddhist practice items.  

Many online stores offer Butsudan that are not made authentically or correctly according to tradition.  It is important to realize that every detail is there for a reason.  This is the representation of the Buddha-world and the meaning of the teachings.  That is why we are specific in the wood, paint, and other materials throughout the process.  

Are you interested in purchasing a traditionally made Butsudan by Mr. Isamu Seki? Please take a look below of some examples of products that Gasshodo can supply.

Interested in purchasing a Butsudan?

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